Thermaflex is an established brand since 1976 in the field of technical insulation for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Ventilation. Thermaflex insulation products are made from environmentally friendly materials -fully recyclable Polyolefines as the major part. Due to the advanced production process the foam is even, fine grained with a closed cellular structure. This process results in a product, which can be used in a temperature range from -80°C up to +95°C for tube insulation as well as for sheets and other flexible products.

Thermaflex is a leading manufacturer of special pipes and insulation products made from environmentally friendly polyolefines.

The Thermaflex core business consists of the production, marketing and sales of

  • Technical Insulation
  • Pre-insulated pipes
  • Special foam products

Our Headquarter is situated in Waalwijk (The Netherlands). Due to the continuous growth of our business the Thermaflex Group has evolved into a network of international sales-, production- and distribution companies in Europe, Asia and America. Our products are available in over 40 countries all over the world.

Thermaflex has entered the pre-insulated pipe business by acquisition of the Flexalen business from Pipelife in 2001. Flexalen is an established brand since 1982 for flexible pre-insulated plastic pipes for District Heating/Cooling, Plumbing and Geothermal applications. In 2003 Thermaflex has introduced their own development - the new compact Flexalen 600 system – with a most advanced production technology. All Flexalen pre-insulated pipes are made from environmentally friendly materials - fully recyclable Polyolefines as the major part. Flexalen pipe systems are highly corrosion-resistant, pressure and temperature resistant (up to 95°C and 8 bar).
Because of the flexible, closed cell polyolefine foam, an optimal insulation can be reached (top foam quality – proven λ = 0,031 W/mK at 50°C).
Both medium pipes as the fittings are made of Polybuten and offer safe and homogeneously welded connections. Because of the high flexibility a quick and easy installation is possible. Furthermore, the lifetime (> 40 years) and the cost advantage compared to steel are other advantages of Flexalen pipe systems which are made of Polybuten and other high quality Polyolefines.

Flexalen 600 is the first fully certified flexible pre-insulated pipe system worldwide. KIWA has carried out a complete test program according to BRL (5609 Part A and BRL 17401 Part A) standards.

  • Thermaflex Holding International bv – The Netherlands
  • Thermaflex Isolatie bv (Production) – The Netherlands
  • Thermaflex Nederland bv - The Netherlands
  • Thermaflex Isolierprodukte GmbH – Germany
  • Thermaflex-Flexalen Rohr- und Isoliersysteme GmbH - Austria
  • Thermaflex France SAS
  • Thermaflex Izolacji – Poland
  • Thermaflex Yalitim Tic. Ltd. Sti. – Turkey
  • Thermaflex Insulation Asia Co. Ltd. – Thailand
  • Thermaflex Pipes & Insulation Pvt. Ltd. - India
  • Thermaflex Insulation Russia
  • Thermaflex Aislantes Mexico
  • Thermaflex Romania SRL